Gig Review – HollySiz at Elektrowerkz, London – December 2014

Being potentially the only British person at a gig in London is a strange feeling. You see French rock is a bit of a secret they keep to themselves on the other side of the Channel. Indeed HollySiz front lady, Cecile Cassel, alluded to when making the following succinct statement, “talking about French Rock is like talking about English Wine…” I couldn’t have put it better myself. The French are not known for rocking out so HollySiz are doing their part to put French Rock on the map (in a party kind of way).

It took Cecile seven years to get here. It was here in a London apartment she realised she could “do something” with music she confessed before a stirring rendition of The Fall. London appears to hold a special place for her and it was apparent in they way she performed.

This was rock with a very healthy dose of 80s guile. It was less glam and more leaning toward pop with a heavy helping of party spirit. Guitars played with flare, big drums and Cecile dancing around stage like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Her energy was infectious and before long the whole crowd were dancing as if Elektowerkz had been relocated to Bomont.

The set moved with pace Miss Know It All and Better Than Yesterday got things fired up early on. A cover of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m On Fire provided a both bold and powerful interlude, as well as one of the set’s highlights. Coming out to the middle of the floor to sing Come Back To Me ended the set with excitement, forcing everyone to use the last of their dancing energy. HollySiz fed from the crowd and every person appeared to be sending it straight back to them.

A fun show which left me with one conclusion… I really need to go to a few gigs in France, they know how to party!  Trés Bon.


HollySiz at Elektrowerkz, LondonHollySiz at Elektrowerkz, LondonHollySiz at Elektrowerkz, LondonHollySiz at Elektrowerkz, LondonHollySiz at Elektrowerkz, LondonHollySiz at Elektrowerkz, London

3 thoughts on “Gig Review – HollySiz at Elektrowerkz, London – December 2014

      1. I’m continually impressed with the compact camera produced today. This is not an easy shooting environment with such low light and intense bulbs that always seem to be in the shot. Nice job.

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