Gig News: Robyn Sherwell + Sebright Arms = Good Start to 2015

Robyn Sherwell. A name I never knew a few weeks ago however one which will be sticking with me for a long time. Her Love Somebody EP is a perfectly pitched and highly complementary pair of lo-fi soul(ish) records which have warmed my ears this winter. The reason to get really excited is that her latest track, Islander, flips the script to provide an uptempo affair and showcases her diversity.

The thought of her translating these songs live and sharing new ones provides a compelling draw for her upcoming gig. The show is at Sebright Arms on January 8th and tickets are £8, available direct over on Music Glue.

I have a sneaky feeling she’ll be playing venues more akin to KoKo by this time next year if she keeps putting out songs this good. Between now and then I recommend seizing every available opportunity to see her before her debut album drops. This makes the thought of her playing a venue as intimate as the Sebright Arms pretty darn special.

So wish I could be there. Will have to make sure someone I know goes so I can live vicariously through them!


Ps. Her latest gem…

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