Gig News: Amerie plays the Jazz Cafe in March… that is all!

Update: 4th March 2015 – This show sold out! Good news is she added another date on March 31st which sitll has tickets available. Tickets can be purchased over on Songkick! Here

So I have this list of performers I need to see play live before I die (or am too old to go to gigs and remain somewhat dignified). Many of the people on list are North American so when I left London for the other side of the Atlantic part of the draw was knowing I’d be closer to seeing many of my favourite musicians. I thought my odds of seeing everyone on the list would increase exponentially… I think I may have been wrong because I’m gone a couple of month and freaking Amerie announces a gig in London!!!!!

What. The. F**************************************************k!!!!!

I’m sat her flabbergasted. Freaking Amerie is playing the Jazz Cafe. Incredible. I’m already dreaming up the set list to a gig I cannot attend; Why Don’t We Fall In Love, I Just Died, Gotta Work, Dear John, 1 Thing, Float, Paint Me Over… this could go on a while; Why R U, Heard ‘Em All, Touch, Like It Used To Be, Talkin’ About. Add to that a couple of new songs she’s no doubt been working on over the last few years and you have yourself one special show!

Amerie hails from the era before R&B became simple Dance (or EDM) music. Her voice is distinct, like shinning crystal it pierces through and energizes each verse she sings. This something to get very very excited about. I still have incredibly fond memories of the night Raphael Saadiq played the Jazz Cafe and he just powered through the classics. With her back catalogue this could be another night of similar magnitude for fans of her music.

The gig takes place on Sunday March 29th at the Jazz Cafe, London. Tickets are £22. At time of writing Songkick still had tickets (here) but be quick because the Jazz Cafe only holds 350 people.

If I could I would fly back to London for this one, however, alas I don’t work in tech nor for a start-up and rent in San Francisco is real. I am so incredibly jealous of London right now and wish I could be there (I clearly need to stop blogging about gigs in London – it just going to upset me).

Amerie – if by way of a miracle you read this – have you heard of a venue in San Francisco called Brick + Mortar? It’s fantastic. I think you should do some gigs there. Yes, it is small however that is why I suggest a residency over one big soulless gig somewhere like The Fox Theater. Think of the excitement of playing an intimate show, really partying and having a great time with your fans (like you will in London at The Jazz Cafe – promise I am not hating). It will be fantastic. Just don’t do them in August! 🙂

London – have a good one. I bought a ticket anyway, given everything that’s happened in the last four months, who knows where I’ll be in the next four months!


Ps. Did I say I’m super-excited for my home town right now… I think I did. Here’s a video of her singing Why R U

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