Gig Review: Kendra Morris at Brick + Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco

I was expecting many things from Kendra Morris’ gig. I was expecting to dance a little. I was expecting hear my favourite songs. I wasn’t expecting her to take the stage heavily pregnant!

She strolled on stage sporting a pregnancy bump just about ready to blow and a t-shirt with the slogan, “I’m Out of Bed and Dressed. What More Do You Want?” This girl has attitude and I love it. She then progressed to deliver a sweet little set to a very welcoming San Francisco crowd.

Kendra Morris at Brick + Mortar-1060141

I discovered Kendra Morris almost by accident, I was actually buying tickets for Meiko (who cancelled her show after a tiny bit of rain knocked out the power across parts of the city) when I noticed Kendra slot on the Saturday. Something compelled me to give her a quick Google. I found If You Didn’t Go and was hooked. Her album Banshee then got me through a couple of excruciatingly long airport transfers.

The gig didn’t disappoint, Kendra’s stage presence was welcoming and the crowd seemed to radiate this warmth straight back at her. The slower songs showcased her voice best and the live rendition of the aforementioned If You Didn’t Go was made graceful by slowing it down a few notches. Right Now sounded even more sweet when backed by the band, who added the funk.

A fun show, which being still quite new to her music, served as a more involved introduction to her sound. Would recommend seeing her perform, however it may be a little while before she does… however with the love she has for music and her fans (she hung around taking pictures, signing albums and chatting long after I had gone) I wouldn’t put it past her to perform with a stroller on stage next time! 🙂


Kendra Morris at Brick + Mortar-1060141

Kendra Morris at Brick + Mortar-1060141

Kendra Morris at Brick + Mortar-1060141

Kendra Morris at Brick + Mortar-1060141

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