Gig News: I hear Lion Babe and The Roots are playing in Oakland…

So I was going to write one of those excitable posts about Lion Babe supporting The Roots. One of my favourite new acts supporting one of my all time favourite bands next Sunday over in Oakland (28th December at Fox Theater)… it was a match made in heaven and the perfect Christmas present for my first one away from the family!

Then I checked for tickets; sold out. Well you can still get tickets from the online touts and to be honest it looks like there are more tickets for sale via touts than were probably available at face-value in the first place (but that’;s another issue all together).

So I can only dream about what it must sound like to hear that booming bass on Treat Me LIke Fire live, or experience Lion Babe’s new EP performed live. I have many fond memories of The Roots playing live; Somerset House when they kept the rain away, or The Barbican with the revolutionary Tongues of Fire set. However, they are all memories from London and I’m sure seeing them this side of the Atlantic would be a different experience; a whole different energy.

I then saw Lion Babe are playing in Shoreditch so was going to write one of those self-deprecating posts about how I leave town and all the American artists I want to see end up playing in London.

Guess what…? That one’s sold out too! Meh!

If you are going to either show I am sure it’ll be f**king fantastic. I’m hoping some of the online touts get in the festive spirit and drop their prices (or more likely start to panic and drop prices to make something back).

Don’t get me wrong, this post was written with love and I will make Sunday 28th National The Roots appreciation day (well at least on my stereo anyway),

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy Eating


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