Songs of the Week: Sally Jaye, Michael Ozowuru, TroyBoi, Shy Girls

SoTW 2015.01 - Sally Jaye - All I Ask For

Sally Jaye – All I Ask For

It was Saturday morning. I was doing the washing up after cooking some breakfast. Playing some new music on shuffle All I Ask For came on and stopped me dead in my tracks. I froze. The song just grabbed hold of my body and refused to release me.

It tells the tale of parents dealing with the aftermath of their son committing a heinous act. Sally keeps bringing it all back to religion, the church, Sunday; “Rosemary stop praying today / put the bible in the draw where the gun used to stay…” this is powerful, heartbreaking music capturing the all the detail, the solace and emotion of the mundane after such a large life event committed by someone you love.

I cannot bring to words how incredible a song I think this is. I nearly came to tears while listening such is the emotion and empathy in the song.


SoTW 2015.01 - Michael Uzowuru - April 13th

Michael Uzowuru – April 13th 

After all that need something to chill to…

Michael Uzowuru’s track April 13th might just be that record. On April 13th the SoCal producer has put together a free flowing song epitomised by trumpets which float in to and over every crevice of the beat without ever dominating. The laid back hip-hop serves as the perfect compliment to what is a really the brass instrument’s show. The sparse vocal arrangement is a lesson in patience, allowing the song to breathe. I think it is so much stronger for that space.

SoTW 2015.01 - TroyBoi - Substitute

TroyBoi feat. Y.A.S. – No Substitutes

From that to this… because a bit of vocal trap is definitely good for the soul. TroyBoi has created a slice of fire with Y.A.S. on this one. Y.A.S. sings about a lover she cannot replace as TroyBoi’s beat builds and grows, full of energy and excitement. I like the way this song teases and plays as different elements are introduced; it threatens to explode but never quite does. It is this that makes the song refreshing and even more impactful.

SoTW 2015.01 - Shy Girls - Renegade

Shy Girls – Renegade

I’m a big fan of Shy Girls and Renegade continues along his path to Future R&B domination. Enjoy many times over!

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