Top 10 Gigs for January in London

So i’ve been thinking of ways to make me little blog a little more useful. Hence where the idea for Top 10 gigs in London and San Francisco comes from. This is just my pick of gigs I would go to if I had the time and money in the coming month. Don’t worry I’ll only mention shows with tickets still available as there’s nothing worse than finding out about a gig after it has sold out (trust me!).

Hopefully I can keep it up (“,)… so without further ado January in London…

January 8th – Robyn Sherwell – Sebright Arms (£8+fees)

How there are still tickets left to this one amazes me. If Robyn Sherwell keeps putting out tracks like she has been I have a feeling a lot of people will be upset they didn’t make this show! Tickets

January 14th – Laura Groves + Jagaara – The Lexington (£6+fees)

Either Jagaara or Laura Groves on their own would be worthy of any top 10 gig list. Them both playing together on the same night is unmissable… in my humble opinion. Tickets

January 14th – Eliza Doolittle – Qualingos (£22+fees)

…unless you go and see Eliza Doolittle on the 14th instead. I’ve seen Eliza a few times now and she is a great live performer. The last time I saw her the setup remained true to her roots; double bass, ukulele, all quite kitsch. Since she blew-up people often forget the incredibly gifted song-wrtier who sent many a music journalist wild prior to the first album. Never been to Qualigos however the setup looks quite swanky so hopefully she’ll continue with the more relaxed setup. Tickets

January 14th – Gemma Hayes – Oslo (£15.50+fees)

Then again, you could go see Gemma Hayes on the 14th too! Given her back catalogue and the strength of her latest album this is destined to be a solid show. Tickets

Of the three shows on the 14th, if I were in London I’d be going to see Gemma Hayes purely because I have not seen her perform live before. If I hadn’t seen any of them, Laura Groves and Jagaara wins it (just)!

January 21st – Anthony David – Jazz Cafe (£18.50+fees)

I saw Anthony David when he supported Eric Roberson many moons ago at the Jazz Cafe. He was stellar that night so I can only wonder how much better he is now. It’s a “stripped back” performance too so that should provide something a little bit different. Tickets

January 21st – Shannon Saunders – Borderline (£10+fees)

Shannon Saunders is one who floated on to my radar; part pop, part dance I think she has the potential to make in imprint on the charts in 2015. A good vibe and defo one to see early on just in case Tickets

Another date clash – if I were choosing I’d probably see Shannon Saunders because I have not seen her live. If you like R&B/Soul and have not seen Anthony David he wins hands down though!

January 24th – Fiona Bevan + Anisa + Omar (£16.50)

OK. So Omar is actually the headliner. However, both Fiona Bevan and Anisa are f**king awesome and the reason I think this is another must seen in January. If there was ever a reason to turn up early to make sure you don’t miss a thing this is it; I would be queuing up in the cold at 6:30pm just in case!! I saw Anisa do a short set in the Jazz Cafe and she has a voice like crystal its a joy to listen to live. Fiona Bevan I’ve only see do cameo roles and she seems to steal the show when she does. Oh and then there’s the one and only Omar as well. By the way, never been up to Kensington Roof Gardens before however it looks a bit fancy (no trainers) so you’ve been warned! Tickets

UPDATE 13th Jan. – Just saw on Twitter there is a special offer for tickets to this show. Use the code ‘LARGE’ for discount to make tickets £11 – winning! Here

January 27th – Cymbals – The Waiting Room (£10+fees)

A little bit electro, a little bit indie, Cymbals are a solid band and to catch them at The Waiting Room should be a treat. If their last album, The Age of Fracture, is anything to go by, bring your dancing shoes. Tickets

January 28th  – Leddra Chapman – Jazz Cafe (£12.50+fees)

In my humble opinion, one of the best voices the country has to offer. This is quite simple a no brainer! If you haven’t seen her perform before you need to fix up, she is incredible! Tickets

January 29th – Jo Harman – Jazz Cafe (£12.50+fees)

Saw Jo Harman play the Jazz Cafe around this time last year and she was great. Full of energy, with a powerful voice. She can absolutely nail the blues. On slow songs she takes it to another level so be prepared for an emotional roller-coaster (and a lot of dancing) if you allow yourself to get lost in her voice and music. Tickets

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