Gig Review and pictures: Delilah at Union Chapel, August 2014

Continuing with more of the “missing posts” from when I was on hiatus, Delilah’s gig at The Union Chapel at the tail end of summer popped in to my head.

My clearest memory is more a feeling, one of intense sensuality, an explosion of allure. We weren’t just listening to her sing, it was more her voice caressing you. Indeed, the girl sitting next to us pretty much let Delilah know this at every available moment. Her yells of “I f**king love you,” soon turned in to shout-outs about orgasms and the like. Her poor boyfriend handling it all too well.

The show featured a lot of new numbers which raised the temperature extremely high. It all felt a little bit naughty listening to songs like this in a church. And when the semi-naked dancer joined her on stage to thrust his well oiled six-pack around and join the fun it felt some form of forgiveness may be needed.

Her flowing white gown was angelic and the candles surrounding the stage ramped up the ambiance; were we in a gig or were we being welcomed in to her boudoir? Regardless,  the chapel looked amazing; the candles and rose petals were beautiful.

I remember leaving thinking her forthcoming album (still waiting) was going to be pretty epic… and that there’ll probably be quite a few babies popping out around the end of May!

Oh and she was wearing Adidas Superstars. Weird.


SSF - Delilah Union Chapel, Londoin-3778

SSF - Delilah Union Chapel, Londoin-3791

SSF - Delilah Union Chapel, Londoin-3781SSF - Delilah Union Chapel, Londoin-3880



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