Top 10 gigs in San Francisco for January 2015

I am not as familiar with the music scene in SF; shoot I have only been to a handful of gigs while here so far. It is very different to the one in London (something I will muse about in a post sometime soon). Anyways, from my limited knowledge of what’s on in January, here are the ten gigs I would reach if I had the time, money and on some occasions a clone! The key thing to note is all these still have tickets remaining!

January 9th to 11th – Chrisette Michele – The Addition ($40+fees)

Forty dollars is a lot. However, Christte Michele is a very good live performer  and can be unexpectedly spellbinding when she wants to be. Forty dollars is still a lot of money though so I can only recommend with caution given the investment required. San Francisco is an expensive city for us non-tech workers; $40 is a lot (think I said that already)! Tickets

January 14th – Rustie – The Independent ($20+fees)

Think Chase ‘n’ Status and Magnetic Man. The space between the two is probably where Glaswegian Rustie fits in. Expect high energy and basslines so heavy your entire body’ll shake. Tickets

January 16th – Tove Stryke + GNTLMN + The Tropics – Rickshaw Stop ($12+fees)

The Tove your are thinking about whom gets high all the time is Tove Lo. This is Tove Stryke who also provides a similar style of Scandinavian R&B tinged pop music. The supporting cast make this show jump right out of the page. If you ever needed a reason to get to Rickshaw Stop early The Tropics and GNTLMN are two in one go. Tickets

January 21st – Stella – The Addition ($13+fees)

Edgy indie-soul. Stella has the potential to become a household name on the indie-soul circuit if the little teasers she has been putting out are anything to go by. Good chance to check her out early on. Bit of research says she’s Santana’s daughter so could be very interesting. Tickets

January 22nd – Mark Sexton Band – Hotel Utah ($8+fees)

A little bit of funky soul to keep you warm on a Thursday night. Tickets

January 23rd – Meiko – Brick + Mortar Music Hall ($15+fees)

This was actually rescheduled from the back end of last year when a little bit of rain bought San Francisco to a standstill. I highly recommend this as her new music is fantastic and Dear You was among the albums of 2014 (in my opinion). Tickets

January 29th – The Wailers – The Independent ($29.50+fees)

Reggae legends The Wailers playing through their best album, Exodus (Legend doesn’t count because that was a greatest hits collection). I know purist will call-out Catch A Fire as their best album, however I stick by my love of Exodus. Still, High Tide or Low Tide was epic as was Kinky Reggae, ok I may start entertaining the Catch A Fire brigade. Tickets

January 30th – Becca Richardson – Viracocha (TBC+fees)

Stumbled across Becca Richardson by accident and I am liking her song-writing so far. Sincere and delicate it should make for a lovely night. No idea about tickets though, I am assuming you just turn-up. Life is always better when things are free anyway (this is an expensive city didn’t you know). As an added bonus Kendra McKinley is playing during happy hour prior making it a singer-songwriter double whammy!

January 31st – Afrolicious – The Chapel ($18+fees)

Funk/Soul at its finest with a little hint of latin. I’ve never seen Afrolicious before however the videos I have seen make me think the show will involve a whole lot of dancing. Bring the towel to wipe the sweat away! Ladies leave those heels at home! Tickets

January  31st – Rupa & The April Fishes – The New Parish, Oakland ($15+fees)

I stumbled across these guys at the back end of last year and there music is a lot of fun. Expect influences from all over the world to be fused in to their live performance. Tickets

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