Gig News: Tara Priya going on a mini tour of London!

I only got the chance to see Tara Priya perform once. It was at a (now closed) fairly fancy little members club just off Tottenham Court Road. Her short acoustic set nestled between a few other performers really stood out. It was also just at a time she was re-inventing her sound.

Her new music represents the progression from the playful retro-soul of her previous two albums to one that is more hard-hitting. The drums hit a little harsher. The guitar riffs a little more prominent and intense. The vocals delivered with more huskiness, as if she smoked a 10 pack before recording. It is a great development making her music more exciting and grown.

Tara Priya has upcoming shows at various locations around London which would be well worth catching. Through January and February she’s performing at the following;

  • January 21st – Underbelly Hoxton – £6(+fees). Tickets
  • January 30th – Soho House. TBC but probably really fancy
  • February 4th – The Bedford. Free
  • February 19th – Paper Dress Vintage Store. TBC but probably free

If I had to pick one it’d probably be the The Bedford (4th Feb.) because I love the venue; it’s such a gorgeous building. The sound is great and it’s one of those spots that encourages people to bring out there best.

The show at Paper Dress would probably be fun too as it reminds me of Pure Groove (R.I.P.) in it’s setup; shop by day bar by night.

Now just hoping she comes back to the West Coast and does a show (or three) in the Bay Area soon.

UPDATE 13th Feb. – Just found out she’s playing Proud Camden on the 5th Feb., alongside The Equals. Awesome… if you live in London!


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