Gig News: Nefera + Ella on the Run = Great way to spend a Wednesday

There’s a problem with writing a “gig of the month” post. It’s that by the middle of the month new shows get announced and your so called list becomes a little redundant. For example, if I’d known about Nefera, Ella on the Run and their many friends were playing down at the Troubadour next week it definitely would have made the list!

I’ve seen Nefera perform a few times and she’s great. Her music is a cocktail of dreamy R&B with a solid bite. Working on a style influenced by the likes late 90s Aaliyah it makes for captivating listen. She’s only officially released the one song in this new sound so seeing her play live is the only way to hear gems such as Bad Behaviour and a quirky cover or two.

Ella on the Run has a similar style but adds sweeping synths and a sometimes a space age twist to give it a more indie feel. A live performance of Rodeo Clowns should be well worth the entrance alone.

When you throw in performance from Queen Dee and the Hornets and Lucrezia Losurdo, you have a solid night of entertainment.

The show takes place at The Troubadour in West London (yes, West London. I too started to forget their were gig venues that side of town) on Wednesday January 21st. Tickets are a bargain at £6 (+fees) and available direct from the Troubadour website.

I love these kinds of shows; hearing new sounds, artists trying new things out… there’s a great energy to them. Should be a cracking night.


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