Gig Review and Pictures: The Tropics at Rickshaw Stop – Jan. 2015

I had a little to much tequila on Friday night. To be fair it wasn’t my fault. I was only joking when I suggested tequila shots to my friend – they weren’t supposed to say yes. And let’s face it, the bartender deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for the size of the two drinks (note, drinks not shots) of tequila she poured.

The reason this is relevant because it was just at this moment, when I was making the ill advised decision of chasing down the tequila burn with another Nobel Peace Prize worthy rum and coke that The Tropics took the stage.

I danced. I spun around. I pretend to know the words to songs I’ve never heard before. I danced some more, and then I jumped around a little bit. The Tropics are a band who make it incredibly easy to have a good time. Their music was fun, it was quirky, it was carefree. They powered through the set with a playful sense of abandonment. The positive energy on-stage quickly transferred throughout a fairly packed Rickshaw Stop and it felt like everyone had been handed a license to let go a little.

Sleepless was the stand-out of the set. The song had a bit more pace live, a bit more oomph. I remember jumping around quite a lot to the song they played next so it must have been pretty darn good too.

Despite some hazy memories, one thing is clear…I’m looking forward to seeing The Tropics play again. Their set was a subtle injection of effervescence, just want you need on a Friday night after a long week working and a great introduction to the local scene. At some point I may have drunkenly tweeted I was now a fan. I believe that to remain an accurate assessment of the situation.


Ps. My little compact had a bit of a malfunction on Friday. It was weird and I hope it was down to dirty lens and nothing more serious. Posted a couple of shots regardless.

 The Tropics, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco-9SSF- The Tropics, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco-3  SSF- The Tropics, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco-12 SSF- The Tropics, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco-11 SSF- The Tropics, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco-7 SSF- The Tropics, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco-2SSF- The Tropics, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco-6

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