February’s Top 10 Gigs – San Francisco

There are a lot of good shows in February, and even now as I write this I am still swapping some around as it’s hard to recommend just ten this month. Lots of stuff has been selling out to make things even trickier! At time of writing, all these shows still have tickets left… this may not be case for some of them come the start of Feb.!

February 3rd – Caroline Smith – Brick + Mortar Music Hall (Free)

I was talking to a friend about live music, trading gig stories and the like. She then said if you go to see one person perform in the next couple of weeks make sure it’s Caroline Smith. “She kind of R&B but she’s probably more indie pop. She’s just so cool with this great stage presence, it’s more a stage aura. You really feel it when she’s playing!” So there you have it, apparently seeing Caroline Smith this month is an absolute must! I am purposely not going to listen to any of her music so the whole set is a complete surprise. Looking forward to it!

February 7th – Dawn Richard – Slim’s ($18+fees)

Former Danity Kane member brings her visceral R&B to Slim’s. Dawn Richard’s solo music has always had a somewhat tribal feel to it so expect a sound far removed from the pop of Danity Kane. Should be a lot of fun. Tickets

February 10th – Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Independent ($12+fees)

Gigwise said the following about Catfish and the Bottlemen’s recent show in Koko in London;

“Rattling off hits from their debut album The Balcony more passionately than any other band at the moment, Catfish and the Bottlemen appear to be authentically enthusiastic.”

If you need any more recommendation just listen to Homesick and that should be all the recommendation you need! Gonna be madness! Tickets

February 11th – Logic – Regency Ballroom ($25+fees)

Not to be confused with the UK rapper of the same name, Logic is part of that new wave of rappers, similar to Kendrick Lamar who are bringing hip-hop back with intelligent rhymes and equally intelligent production. Tickets

February 11th – Sea of Bees – Rickshaw Stop ($10+fees)

I have not heard much form Sea of Bees beyond their Songs for Ravens album back in 2010. On the strength of that album alone I can highly recommend this show. A little bit indie, a little bit folk. This should be a fun show with a solid amount of hip shaking. Tickets

A date clash that should be easy to resolve; Hip-Hop vs. Indie-Folk.

February 12th – Kate Voegele – Slim’s ($16+fees)

Anyone who reads this blog even causally will know I am not ashamed of my penchant for pop music. Kate Voegele used to make simple, carefree pop music with red-hot vocals… then she went to Nashville, got a bit serious and now makes even better pop music than she did before. Tickets

February 13th – Beginners + The Lovemakers – Rickshaw Stop ($13+fees)

I’m gonna set you a challenge. Listen to Who Knows by Beginners and try to get through the whole song without singing the ad-libs. You can’t do it, simple fact! Indie-pop with a sprinkle of electro and mildly life-affirming vocals. I’m not too familiar with Lovemakers. However, if Beginners are warming up for them, I am guessing they are pretty darn good! Tickets

February 13th – Dengue Fever – The Independent ($16+fees)

The Cambodian indie-pop band hit the Independent for what is sure to be an unusual night of lively and energetic guitar laced semi-psycadelic pop music. Tickets

Second date clash is a lot tougher to resolve. With Dengue Fever you have the proven back-catalogue. However, with Beginners you have something even better, the mystery of the unknown and being a part of something new and fresh.

February 19th – Night Riots + Hayley Kiyoko – Rickshaw Stop ($12+fees)

Bring your dancing shoes and expect to be buying a new pair come Friday. Between Night Riots soaring vocals and high energy guitars, and Hayley Kiyoko’s quirky disco-tinged indie-pop standing still may not be physically possible. Looks like I can cancel the morning jog on the 19th! Tickets

February 20th – Li Xi + The Mary Onettes + Tiaras – Rickshaw Stop ($12+fees)

Of all the Bay Area bands I have found so far Li Xi are my current favourites. Each time I have tried to see them before something has always gotten in the way. Back from touring up t’north their return should be quite emphatic. Throw in the dreamy styling of Swedish band Mary Onettes and this has the makings of one special show. Tickets

February 25th – Surfer Blood – Rickshaw Stop ($16+fees)

Surfer Blood and their guitar laden alt-rock should be a sweet way to end the month and start looking forward to all that March has on offer! Tickets

Yes… that is 11 I know. One of the gigs I thought was sold out had an alternative link with tickets. Think of it as a bonus!

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