Music + Photography: Netta Brielle at Mezzanine, San Francisco

A super quick post on Netta Brielle who handled the warm-up duties for K. Michelle in San Francisco on Thursday night. Her set was impactful, high energy, infectious and incredibly f**king short! Three songs. That was all we got. R&B with firing basslines, almost akin to crunk in roundness of the sound.

Even though her set was blink and youd’ve missed it short, she took the time to pay respects to local Bay Area rapper The Jacka, who was sadly shot dead earlier in the week. She mentioned how he had been an mentor to her (as well as many other local artists). Even though I was not too familiar with his music it is clear from the reactions of his peers The Jacka’s his presence will be sorely missed.

Netta Brielle provided a glimpse of her potential, I hope we get to hear more the next time I get the chance to see her perform.


SSF - 2015.02 - Netta Brielle, Mezzanine-13

SSF - 2015.02 - Netta Brielle, Mezzanine-5-2

SSF - 2015.02 - Netta Brielle, Mezzanine-7

SSF - 2015.02 - Netta Brielle, Mezzanine-10

SSF - 2015.02 - Netta Brielle, Mezzanine-8

SSF - 2015.02 - Netta Brielle, Mezzanine-12

SSF - 2015.02 - Netta Brielle, Mezzanine-9

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