Songs of the Week: Natalie Duncan, Terri Walker, Jeff Bradshaw, Hayley Kiyoko, Lilla Vargen

SOTW 2015.02 - Natalie Duncan - Black & White

Natalie Duncan – Black & White

This is not what I was expecting from new Natalie Duncan music. Gone is the piano driven, jazz influenced records for a soft, introspective electro-pop sound. The song is gentle and hypnotic. I love the attention to detail played in the production and vocal arrangements. Natalie Duncan has once again shown what a talent she has, let’s hope it gets the spins it deserves.

SOTW 2015.02 - Terri Walker - Feel Right

Joe Buhdha & Terri Walker – Right On

The grapevine clearly failed. It is quite simply not working. The mailing lists, the blog follows, the radio podcasts, they have all stopped functioning in the way they should be. If they were in fact working, I would have known Terri Walker has released new music way back in November last year.

A two stepping funk/soul record which pretty much picks up from the where she left off with Lady. A new album is on the way and it looks like Terri Walker is on good form. “A little shot of happiness,” this song is that and so much more!

SOTW 2015.02 - Jeff Bradshaw - All Time Love

Jeff Bradsahw feat. Eric Roberson, Tweet & Robert Glasper – All Time Love

Trombonist Jeff Bradshaw has done a wonderful thing pulling together Eric Roberson, Tweet and Robert Glasper for an infectious classically neo-soul record. It is a fun, carefree love song on which Erro and Tweet’s vocals compliment each other perfectly. Jeff’s trombone ad libs add a lovely warmth to proceedings as well. One thing sprung to mind instantly… why on earth has these two vocalists not released music together before (or if they have, why haven’t I found it)? Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed they can hear the obvious chemistry and collaborate in the future because I think it would be magical.

SOTW 2015.02 - Hayley Kiyoko - Give It All

Hayley Kiyoko – Given It All

On Given It All, Hayley Kiyoko delivers a fierce piece of pop music. It’s full of gritty pulsating synths and nicely layered production, as Hayley let’s her love interest know that she’ll “…break you, ’til I break-through”, now that’s what I call determination!

Hayley Kiyoko is due in San Fran in the next couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to the set. Between cherry picking songs from her two EPs, The Side of Paradise, and A Belle To Remember, and anything else she chooses to throw in it should be a cracking show! Let’s hope she gives it her all! 🙂

SOTW 2015.02 - Lilla Vargen - This Is Love

Lilla Vargen – This Is Love

So I was just about to hit schedule after finishing this post when I heard this playing from one of the open tabs in my browser. It is just too beautiful not to post. A spellbinding tale of that moment when one person is still in love and the other has begun to move on. Raw heartache on display with just Lilla Vargen’s voice and a piano. Magic.

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