Pictures: Lovemakers at Rickshaw Stop – 13th Feb. 2015

Friday nights in Rickshaw Stop have started to become a regular fixture on my live music calendar. The night is called Popscene and the curator, Aaron Axelson has a very keen ear for the best indie-pop, especially the upcoming ones. It reminds a lot of Golddust in London, the one difference being Popscene is weekly as opposed to Golddust’s monthly fare.

There also appears to be a strong correlation with my Friday night trips to Rickshaw Stop and alcohol consumption, especially when Fernet has been a part of the pre-arrival merriment!

So here’s some photos from Lovemakers. I partied quite a bit (and found beer on/in one of my lenses the next morning!).


SSF - Lovemakers, Rickshaw Stop, SF-3

SSF - Lovemakers, Rickshaw Stop, SF-2

SSF - Lovemakers, Rickshaw Stop, SF-5

SSF - Lovemakers, Rickshaw Stop, SF-4

SSF - Lovemakers, Rickshaw Stop, SF-11

SSF - Lovemakers, Rickshaw Stop, SF-9

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