Music Photography: Li Xi at Rickshaw Stop – Feb. 20th 2015

Of all the bands I have discovered in the Bay Area, Li Xi are probably my favourites so far. I like their sometimes funky and sometimes dreamy take on indie music.

Until Friday I hadn’t had the chance to see them perform. I was always out of town or found out about the shows a day or two after the event. Finally seeing them perform felt like a cementing of my relationship with Bay Area music.

The set was relatively short, however they fired off most of my favourites. It was nicely loud and packed a satisfying punch for a Friday night. I really like what they did with Carriages live, seeming to slow it slow it down and relax it out a tiny bit. My only small gripe was sometimes the sound was a little to heavy so the vocals became drowned out. Solid set otherwsie and well worth the wait.

Here are some pics and I am already looking forward to the next time I get to see them play.


SSF - Li Xi, Rickshaw Stop, SF-2

SSF - Li Xi, Rickshaw Stop, SF-10

SSF - Li Xi, Rickshaw Stop, SF-1-3

SSF - Li Xi, Rickshaw Stop, SF-9

SSF - Li Xi, Rickshaw Stop, SF-1SSF - Li Xi, Rickshaw Stop, SF-8SSF - Li Xi, Rickshaw Stop, SF-4SSF - Li Xi, Rickshaw Stop, SF-7SSF - Li Xi, Rickshaw Stop, SF-1-4

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