Songs of the Week: Nefera, Robyn Sherwell, Laura Groves

SOTW 2015.02 - Nefera - Touch

Nefera – Touch

The latest song from Nefera is an exotic and sensual slice of R&B. I love the way the beat sweeps and swirls around the speakers. Nefera’s tone remains soft yet passionate as she yearns for her lover’s touch, leaving nothing to be read between the lines. By the time the chorus swings around the punchy ad-libs offer a satisfying and surprising contrast to the steamy verses.

“So smoo-ooo-ooth” Nefera sings over the chorus… yep, this is one extra smooth piece of music.


Robyn Sherwell – Tightropes

From the sensuality of Nefera to something simply magical from Robyn Sherwell. Since I first heard and fell in love with Low I have been continually impressed with Robyn Sherwell. On Tightropes she delivers quite possibly her song yet.

What makes this one stand out for me is the vivid watercolour she manages to paint. It makes you feel like you are walking around in your very own fairy-tale. The pale blue of the clouds below the carefully woven tightrope she’s walking on which soon turns to steel as she begins to fly. All the while with her “wingman” propping her up (my vision clearly – I’d love to know the story behind this one).

The lack of drums, the simplicity of the production and the tenderness of the vocals makes for a beautiful record. I might be getting carried away however it’s been a while since someone’s music has managed to touch me this strongly. Today a colleague of mine, excited about his own musical discovery, said that music is one of the defining features of the human condition. It’s true, which is why when you find music you love you should treasure it.

SOTW 2015.02 - Laura Groves - Dreamy

Laura Groves – Dream Story

Keeping with the dreamy tone of this week’s songs Laura Groves new record fits the bill perfectly. Picking up right where the last EP, Thinking About Thinking, left off. Full of swirling vocals and 80s-sounding drums. Nice record to just slip away, and kick back to.

I was going to going to bring everything back to earth a little bit with Breakage’s new record, however if you’ve just listened to all three of those back-to-back you are probably in a really good place so I’ll anything else for next week!

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