Gigs of the Month: March – London

The year rolls on and here are a few shows I would go and see in London if I was around (and had the time and money). Without further ado let’s get to it because the first one is tonight!! Blimey!

March 4th – Ella on the Run – The Workshop (£7+fees)

Expect a lot of fun and and even more fine music from Ella on the Run who fuses R&B, pop and a little bit of electro. Just wished I had discovered her before me little stint out on the West Coast. Apparently, if you’re lucky she can do an amazing rendition of Always Look On the Bright Side of Life…!


March 5th – Leon Bridge – The Old Blue Last (Free… yes FREE!!)

So I hit post and then 5 mins later I find out man of the moment Leon Bridges is playing tomorrow night at the Old Blue Last for free. I have it on good authority from me ears in London his surprise appearance at Communion’s Sunday night event was exhilarating. Expect the line to be around the block and then some for this one. If you wanna make it in head straight down after work and tell the students already lining up that someone is giving away free beer to nab their spot!

March 7th – The Thirst – 100 Club (£7+fees)

I was lucky enough to rediscover The Thrist one chilly afternoon when they were busking on Regent’s Street. I could have listened to them for hour, however it was London in the cold of winter so I thought 20 mins and bout 4/5 songs would suffice! Funk/Soul with a real burst of rock sensibility make The Thirst a very exciting band. Well worth a trip to one of London’s most historical venues for these guys!


March 10th – Laura Groves – St. John on Bethnal Green (£7+Fee)

The release of a new EP has triggered new shows from Laura Groves. Always a pleasure to watch live. Get ready to be lost in delicate dreamy soundscapes topped with Laura’s soothing voice.


March 12th – Laura Welsh – Elektrowerkz (£11+fees)

Deep, brooding basslines, fusing a little bit of R&B, a little bit of indie and with an electro twist. Hearing Cold Front and Break The Fall live should be a very very special moments indeed!


March 13th – Natalie Duncan – Queen Elizabeth Hall (Free)

A free performance from Natalie Duncan is not to be missed. With her new sound it should be an enticing display from a musician not afraid to take risks. Please take note that this one looks like it’ll be starting early (5:30pm) so sneak out of work early… it is Friday after all!


March 14th – Jay Electronica – Koko (£29.95+fees)

Jay Electronica’s first show in London since a very long time ago. £30 is a bit steep though (times are still pretty hard for us regular folk). For this pioneer of the ever evolving sound of hip-hop it is (just about) worth it though.


March 18th – Is Tropical – Shapes (£6.50+fees)

I am assuming this is the same, “Is Tropical” who deliver large, pounding and exciting eletro-indie. If so, £6.50 to see them play is beyond a bargain. That is getting in to the territory where you have to start paying tips to the band.  Should be epic, I am wildly jealous as the music Gods have always conspired to make me miss Is Tropical shows


March 26th – Soko – St. John’s Church, Hackney (£19.50+fees)

Three months in to writing the gig on the month post and we have a first! Soko, is the first person to appear on both the list for London and San Francisco in the same month. Here’s what I wrote about the San Francisco show… the London one is in a church though, so that should make for a fantastic backdrop. Just hope she gets enough sleep before she hits SF a few days later!


March 31st – Robyn Sherwell – The Lexington (£9+fees)

My #1 musical  discovery of the year so far is throwing a gig to celebrate the release of her EP on the same day. Smooth, soulful music to warm to ears. Should be very very good.


March 31st – Amerie – Jazz Cafe (£22+fees)

Amerie’s first show in since forever and a day in London sold out… however she has put on a second one a few days later and that still has tickets available! Be quick though as they’ll probably sell out pretty soon!


Only date clash this month and it is on the very last day! If you are not going on the 29th because it sold out, Amerie is where I would recommend going as you never know when she’ll be back in the UK. And if she releases a new album her next show is more likely to be somewhere like Koko. I am really surprised this gig remained under the radar so long to be honest! If you are seeing Amerie on the 29th then Robyn Sherwell is a no brainer (and absolute bargain at just £9).

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