Songs of the Week: Wishyunu, Christina Milian, Jagaara, Miraa May

SOTW - 2015.03 - WishYuNu - Neutron

Wishyunu – Summer Suit

For me, the process of finding new music is often an cacophony of good luck, timing or very often someone booking a gig. Wishyunu meant absolutely nothing to me last week. Now, after a week of pretty much having their two EPs, Futuray and A Day No How on constant repeat I am wondering how their dreamy indie pop escaped me for so long (and also eternally thankful to Li Xi).

I would have never discovered them if Li Xi had not been booked as warm-ups to play Amensia later on this year. I peeped the who they were supporting and then decided to give the other warm-up a whirl and that’s how I discovered Wishyunu. Summer Suit is the latest song released on their SoundCloud. I love the dreaminess of the vocal delivery, it’s so laid back and soothing, especially when it starts getting layered under other sounds during the chorus. The record pulsates and grows, painting a sonic-picture of that short moment on a hot summers days when the sunset fades and twilight starts to transition in to night. Love it.

SOTW - 2015.03 - Christina Milain - We Ain't Worried

Christina Milian – We Ain’t Worried

Christina Milian has had a difficult time in the music industry. The talented and energetic teen who gave us the eternally catchy AM to PM has worked with a number of labels and producers over the years in career full of peaks and troughs. Music hasn’t always been her focus with forays in to film and reality TV have been on her agenda as well. Indeed, she references this on We Ain’t Worried as she boldy explains “I’ve been working on some things / disappear like David Blaine”.

We Ain’t Worried is a southern influenced bouncy R&B record which has her sights firmly set on the clubs. The frustrating thing about Christina Milian is that when she turns her mind to music it has always been consistent as the number of leaked singles during her times when she has been less focused on music can attest. Zipper, For Real, In To The Sunset, Peepshow were all solid R&B numbers (to name a few).

Let’s hope We Ain’t Worried is the start of a musical comeback (and don’t forget San Francisco when planning any tours).

SoTW 2014.12 - Jagaara - Winter2JAGAARA – In THE DARK

It starts with some simple strumming… then slowly builds in to one of those records I have come to love from Jagaara; gentle, heartfelt yet with a sense of purpose. The details in the production growing and fading with the support of aching vocals. So looking forward to hearing a full length  album from the band… and who knows, maybe Marble Arch will be the b-side to In The Dark :-p

SOTW 2015.01 - Miraa May - Voicemail

Miraa May – LoveMeIn

Miraa May. I discovered her at the start of the year and loved how she brought some good old fashioned, youthful neo-soul back to my ears. On Love Me In she has done it again with a gentle mid-tempo slice of soul influenced  R&B music. ” We started from a seed / and now our thoughts are evergreen”… here’s to the Miraa May movement growing in to a luscious forest. If she keeps putting out music this great we might just be witnessing the birth of a little neo-soul treasure.

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