Gig Review and Pictures: Becca Richardson at Hotel Utah, Apr. 2015

San Francisco. It’s a transient city. A place people move to and then they move from. It is a place of constant change; everyone home yet no one’s roots. It’s a city in constant flux.

Friday night, on one of those typical west coast evenings; a chilly breeze from The Bay and a clear sky overlooking us all, was Becca Richardson’s last gig in the city before leaving for Nashville. I discovered Becca Richardson over the New Year and was drawn to her very personable style of country/folk music. Friday night however was my first opportunity to catch her playing live.

Hotel Utah was a perfect setting for a small farewell show. She gave a fitting rendition of songs largely from her self-titled debut EP. Starting solo, guitar and harmonica, she soon invited her band to jam with her and create a communal atmosphere.

Becca Richardson’s delivery is warm and friendly, one you can easily relate to as if it were your best friend sitting down to talk with you. It made the most of Hotel Utah’s intimate setting and vibe. There was a comforting familiarity to her live renditions of songs I have become very fond of over the last few months.

With the people moving in an out of the city, the local music scene is very much a part of the flux of the San Francisco experience. Becca Richardson moving on will be a quiet loss to the local music scene. Hopefully, Nashville will grant her the opportunity to develop her craft (while paying significantly less rent) and create more great, comforting music. Let’s just hope she doesn’t forget to add The Bay to any future touring schedules!


Becca Richardson performs at Hotel Utah, San Francisco

SSF - Becca Richardson, Hotel Utah, SF-2

Becca Richardson performs at Hotel Utah, San Francisco Becca Richardson performs at Hotel Utah, San Francisco

Becca Richardson performs at Hotel Utah, San Francisco

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