Gigs of the Month: San Francisco – April & May!

Lapsley sold out! Whaaaat!! There are a tonne and three-quarters of potentially epic gigs in SF over the next 6-8 weeks so thought I would give any who reads this little blog a bit of a head-start on getting tickets because I have a feeling most will sell out. This may also be the first month in which I make virtually every gig I mention! Yikes!

April 10th – Bright Light, Bright Light – The Independent ($13+fees)

BLBL was one of the first people I ever interviewed on this little blog (when I used to do interviews anyway – think I might have to start doing more as they were fun!). Thoughtful and thought provoking pop music of the finest order. His song Debris is among one of my all time favourites with lyrics which are painfully honest. A beautiful song writer who knows how to make a dancing song too. Shame I will be out of town for this one!


April 13th – Clean Bandit + Jess Glynne – Regency Ballroom ($23+fees)

So Clean Bandit got a lot of stick for the advert they did with Microsoft. In an industry in which artists are continually being squeezed, where earnings are in continual decline, I can forgive them quite easily. At the end of the day they are just trying to pay the rent. There album is a perky mix of dance with classical undertones which is a nice take on pop music. Definitely worth your time. Jess Glynne warming up is worth the entrance fee on her own. I have a feeling she might end up being pretty big in her own right!


April 19th – Tess Henley – Great American Music Hall ($18+fees)

Tess Henley was one of the first names on my “must see live when I move to America list”. I loved her High Heels and Sneakers album, and her Wonderland EP released earlier in the year made her sound more mature, wholesome and intriguing. The videos I’ve seen of her playing live have been very good so really looking forward to hearing her up close and personal.


April 24th – Kaiser Cheifs – Regency Ballroom ($27+fees)

I’m flabbergasted this has not sold out yet. If it were the UK and in a venue that small tickets would be gone in a matter of minutes. The Kaiser Chiefs live even get my sister’s seal of approval and she’s only ever came home singing the praises of about three live acts in her entire life.


May 3rd – Beginners + Max and the Moon – Brick and Mortar Music Hall ($9+fees)

I saw Beginners at Rickshaw Stop earlier this year and it was a whole lotta fun. Following their little shindig in Austin for SXSW it’ll be a nice time to see an up and coming band on a bit of a high. Not too familiar with Max and the Moon however as with the Rickshaw Stop show, Beginners are the warm-up so I think sticking around for Max and the Moon will be a hella good idea.


May 5th – Esperanza Spalding – The Independent ($35+fees)

Esperanza Spalding is quite frankly a genius, and I don’t use those words lightly. That said, the last time I saw her gig I thought her music was somewhat trapped inside KOKO, London because her music deserves the grandest stage possible. Her playing at the Independent presents the same kind of conundrum. Get to the Independent early. Grab one of the seats by the side and prepare for your mind to be blown. Her musicality is simply incredible. It is a very expensive show and times are hard at the moment.  That said, her shows are special.


May 8th – Lapsley + Tei Shi – Rickshaw Stop ($Don’t Get Yourself Ripped Off)

There are only incredibly rare moments in which I will ever recommend buying a ticket from a tout. I hate those guys and how they have ruined the live music industry. Lapsley and Tei Shi sharing the same bill is one of those nights though because either would have the capacity to sell out Rickshaw Stop on their own. Don’t get yourselves ripped off. A friend said that even on sold-out shows they sometimes keep tickets back at the door so perhaps get there early and try your luck. This will be special. Once again, I never condone touting or buying from touts which is why I refuse to put a link below.

May 15th – Say Lou Lou – Rickshaw Stop ($15+fees)

This one will sell out. If it doesn’t I will fall even more in love with this town. Their debut album has received rave reviews, even making it on to a couple of “albums of the year so far” lists. They’ll probably be doing, as so many artists do here, perform at Rickshaw before annoucing a much larger show later in the year. Pop with an electro twist, should be a lotta fun.


May 22nd – Shy Girls – Rickshaw Stop ($13+fees)

Shy Girls were most definitely the first on that, must see live in America list. If you wanna know why you have to make this gig see here, here, here and… well, you get the point. This’ll be f**king awesome and then some!


May 28th – The Tropics + NRVS LVRS – Rickshaw Stop ($10+fees)

Two local bands headlining taking over the bill on a Thursday night at Rickshaw. The Tropic’s gig earlier in the year was one of my first experiences of Rickshaw and I partied a little too hard (don’t blame me, blame the tequila). They have a knack for performing incredibly danceable indie-pop so this should be a nice injection of energy pre-Friday. NRVS LVRS have the single best band name in the Bay, in my humble opinion! They’ve taken the vowels out! Genius… oh and they make freaking awesome music too!


May 29th – Latahsa Lee – Neck of the Woods ($20+fees)

If Tess Henley was one of the first on the must see live in America list, and Shy Girls was the first on the list, then Latasha Lee was most probably 2nd. May really is that kind of month for me live music wise! Every song she has put out with The Blackties I have absolutely loved.


May 31st – Ciara – Regency Ballroom ($29.50+fees)

And closing out an absolutely mental few weeks will be Ciara. Don’t think she needs any introduction and fingers crossed she’ll mix a few of the classics with the new ones. I’m looking forward to this because I am imagining a specatacle; dancers, theatrics and a whole lotta oomph. A warning though, the ticket price also commands a pretty steep booking fees so all in your looking at close to forty bucks!


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