Gig Review & Photos: The She’s at Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco – June 2015

Insomnia. Last week Wednesday I had a serious case of it. Tossing and turning under the duvet I couldn’t force my knackered self to sleep at all. So what that I has been up since 6am. So what that I was absolutely beat when I came home from work, so much so that I tried Caviar for the first time, instantly regretting the cold, moisture laden fish and chips I ordered. It was 10pm, my mind was fully awake and the early night I was hoping for completely scuppered. Aaarrggghhh.

Every remedy I could think of to solve this incredulous case of insomnia was failing miserably. Hot Chocolate. Counting sheep. It was ridiculous. At about 10:15pm, eyes wide awake as if I had just drunk eight straight cappuccino shots that I remembered The She’s were playing over at Rickshaw Stop. I jumped in a Lyft determined to make use of the energy I had somehow discovered.

I arrived just as The She’s were finding their stride. Their playful indie pop sound, reminiscent of Lucky Soul, was making its way through the air. There is a friendliness to their music which is even more apparent when they perform live. It is music which welcomes you in to listen. The laid back guitars intertwining with melodic harmonies.

San Francisco can often feel like a communal city. This was on full display as it felt like one of those gigs where a lot of people ‘knew the band’. It made for a more charged than usual atmosphere. Long hair was being swung, drinks were being knocked over and by the end there was even a mosh pit going. Their music is not one you would associate with moshing per se, however people we having fun and that’s the main thing. My Secret To Keep was a nice catalyst to the madness (always great to have your favoruite song played on a gig).

As they ended, and people rushed towards the stage to take a sneak behind the scenes. As the last few were patting themselves down after a little bit of letting loose. And as the final few were nursing the remainder of their beer at the bar I made a quiet exit. I got home, slid in to bed, closed my eyes…

…f**k you insomnia! Thank you for making go and see The She’s because I thoroughly enjoyed the gig, but seriously f**k you. Good thing Devious Maids is back on the telly in all its late-night-catch-up glory!


Ps. Still trying to figure out the sweet spot for my new lens, which certainly is NOT wide open. I’ll figure it out soon.

The She's perform at Rickshaw Stop, San FranciscoThe She's perform at Rickshaw Stop, San FranciscoThe She's perform at Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco

The She's perform at Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco

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