Photography: Generationals at Phono del Sol, San Francisco

July 11th was a glorious day in San Francisco. The sun was blazing and the sky was a rich shade of blue. Perfect time for a festival!

Phono del Sol, the boutique festival organised by The Bay Bridged, was a small and well paced. It was one which made kicking back and enjoying the music oh so easy (aside from the alcohol detention centers). Even better, you could stay for the last band and still be home for dinner!

Generationals, played mid-afternoon and were one of my favourites. The band had a swagger and grit about them which I liked. It was a set which evoked a party atmosphere and got people pretty pumped.

Here’s a few pics of the set.


SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-14SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-22

SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-11

SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-21

SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-24

SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-12SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-19SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-23

SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-13

SSF - Generationals - Phono del Sol-18

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