Life on Saturn

My first trip back to Rickshaw Stop following “the incident” was quite triumphant. Saturn Rising, was there in support of LE1F and performing his latest music; most of which for the first time.

The notion of music bringing people together in a positive sense couldn’t have been truer than last night – from the dancers to the posers, the leaders to the misfits and a few hipsters in between – Rickshaw Stop was buzzing early for Saturn Rising’s short warm-up set. His performance  felt like a reflection of the room; full of free spirited expression. His energy on stage was infectious, and rose even more following an impromptu dance cypher in the middle of the floor.

Fun show from an artist who is growing with every song he writes.

Saturn Rising as also currently trying to fund his debut album which you can support on his GoFundMe page.


Saturn Rising-4

Saturn Rising-27

Saturn Rising-2

Saturn Rising-17

Saturn Rising-20

Saturn Rising-25

Saturn Rising-16

Saturn Rising-24

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