To steal the title of Eric Roberson’s album, I’m a “Music Fan First”

I started this blog a few years ago as a way to make use of some of the (then) terrible pictures I would take at gigs. From that it turned in to a public diary of the gigs I go to and the ones I wanted to go to. It soon also became a way to bookmark the songs I was in love with.

Over the years not much has changed… I still go to gigs. I still (attempt to) take pictures, just with a better camera (when they let me in with it anyway). I still complain when gig tickets are too expensive and still get over-excited when my favourite musicians schedule shows (and even more excited when I can make those shows). I am still unashamedly a fan of pop music too! And I may even start doing interviews again (don’t know about that though).

I try my best to champion new bands and those artists trying new things. I love seeing people at the start of their journey and following the music as it gets better and develops. I try not to waste my time on negative energy or the things I don’t like because it’s hard enough finding time to write about the things I do like!

As a music fan I will share my disappointments from time to time too.

Every now and again I go off kilter to rant about something, post non-music related images or smoothie recipes (which proved strangely popular).

That’s my blog. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and maybe discover some new music or see a show you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.